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May 3rd. Harp and a Monkey. The Queens Head. £6.

May 15th .2014 (Thursday) Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin.. £8 advance tickets. £10 on door.

May 23rd.2014 (Friday)Nels Andrews £8. Venue Belper Rugby Club.

May 29th 2014 (Thursday) Steve Tilston £8 advance. £10 on door. Belper Rugby Club.

September 12th 2014 (Friday) Steve Ignorant's Slice of Life, Andy T and Chris Butler. £10

November 15th.2014. Anthony John Clarke and Dave Pegg. £9.

Jan 17th.2015. Winter Wilson + Support. £7  tickets.

March 7th. Sunjay. £7 advance tickets. £8 on door.

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There's a lot more to come so expect updates. Currently trying to squeeze in gigs with touring Americans and trying to keep the balance between folk/blues/other.


We have a small but highly dedicated band of regulars in The Top Bar - they know the times, place etc. but it has been brought to my notice that an (hopefully) ever increasing  number of new attendees DON'T know all the details. So here goes: UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED all the gigs are in The Top Bar @ The Queens Head, Chesterfield Road, Belper on a Saturday, doors open at 8.15, the performer is onstage around 9pm. the gigs finish about eleven (depending on audience reaction and performer stamina!!!) and it's pay on the door to get in. Of course there are sometimes variations but I e-mail everyone on our list with details during the week leading up. So get on the list